DBBrowser is an open source (GPL license), cross-platform tool which can be used to view the contents of a database. It supports CLOBS and BLOBS. It is designed to work with Oracle and MySQL. The user should never have to write SQL to view the data although a SQL window is provided. Support for ER (Entity Relationship) diagrams, XMLTypes and more DBMS is planned for the next version.

Main features:
  1. View all data and sequences in tables without writing SQL
  2. Support for CLOBs and BLOBS in Oracle and MySQL
  3. SQL syntax highlighting
  4. Add, remove, update records without writing SQL
  5. Add, remove columns from tables
  6. Export data as CSV or PDF files
  7. More than 10 GUI skins to change the look and feel
  8. Context Sensitive Help
  9. Internationalized with 2 language packs. Support for plugging in more language packs

Other features:
  1. Cross platform
  2. Cross platform installer and Windows exe installer for ease of use
  3. Documentation with javadocs, Technical architecture document, UI specs and Class diagrams

Planned for next version:
  1. Reverse engineer DDL from existing DB schema
  2. Support for Entity Relationship diagrams
  3. Support for Oracle XMLTypes
  4. Support for PostGreSQL and IBM DB2